2024 AACR Annual Meeting Successfully Convened; APS Pharma’s Latest Research Attracted Wide Attention.
The 115th American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting was held in San Diego, USA, April 5-10, 2024.

                   The AACR Annual Meeting, as one of the leading cancer conferences   in the world, has always 

                  been a focus of attention in the global pharmaceutical industry. The theme of this year’s annual meeting

                   is "Inspiring Science, Fueling Progress, Revolutionizing Care", and the purpose of this meeting is to gather

               the world's top cancer research experts and scholars tojointly explore the latest advances in cancer research

               and innovation.


                           Dr.Yuxun Wang, CEO of APS Pharma, attended the meeting with the latest research on the next 

                     generation RET inihibitor APS03118. He gave a detailed presentation of the APS03118 project entitled

                     “Development of A Novel Next-Generation RET Inhibitor” to the attendees. With a forward-looking  global vision 

                     and professional insights, he attracted the attention of a large audience to the  APS Pharma’s poster, evoking

                       wideinterest and enthusiastic discussions.



              APS03118 has shown great potential in cancer treatment based on its unique mechanism of action.

             APS03118 has received IND approval from both China CDE and US FDA. APS03118 was granted the Fast-Track

                  Designation by the US FDA. APS03118 is currently advancing at Ph 1 clinical trials. Early clinical data  revealed

                good safety profile and signs of efficacy. This breakthrough research not only demonstrates  the strength of APS Pharma 

               in the forefront of cancer research field, but also contributes new ideas for future resistant cancer treatment strategies.


                             Unmet clinical needs oriented, APS Pharma is committed to building technology platforms on target 

         and target dependency discovery, tumor immune microenvironment, small molecules, and siRNA, and developing


         innovative medicines for indications such as cancer, immuno-oncology, and liver diseases. With the team’s


                profound and solid expertise, rigorous scientific attitude, and relentless spirit of exploration, APS Pharma strives 

               to promote more high-quality research and develop innovative medicines, and bring new hope to cancer patients 




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