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Zhijian Jinrui Spring 2024 Team Building & 13th Anniversary Event of Company Establishment

    In April, when everything is lush, it is the perfect time for hiking. On the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the 

establishment of Zhijian Jinrui, on April 26, 2024, all employees of the company held a spring team building and company's

 13th anniversary celebration event with the theme of "Gathering Strength, Setting Sail, Riding the Wind and Waves, 

and Going Far" in the beautiful Yanqi Lake Scenic Area.

    The Yanqi Lake Scenic Area is located in Huairou District, Beijing. The bus departs from the company and heads north. 

Friends enjoy the scenery along the way, looking forward to the unknown challenges of the destination.

    After a short journey, we immediately entered the Yanqi Lake cycling activity around the lake. Everyone put on protective 

gear and selected their favorite mountain off-road vehicle. They were eager to try it out and embarked on a journey around 

the lake under the guidance of the activity leader.

    While cycling, I feel the exhilaration of reaching the top and the speed of descending. I listen to the sound of the wind 

whistling past my ears and marvel at the same way in life. There is both the pleasure of difficult ascent to the peak and the 

accumulation of thin hair down to the bottom. I hope all of you can never forget your original intention, so that you can 

always be there.

    Subsequently, everyone carried out a fun team building game guided by the leader. Everyone enthusiastically invested, 

competed in strategies, wisdom, and skills in the game, staged exciting battles one after another, showcasing unity and 

collaboration, and receiving laughter and cheers.

    After the game ended, all members were divided into 4 teams according to the instructions of the team leader and 

participated in a large-scale painting activity with the theme of "Grateful Companion, Building Blueprints Together", with 

the intention of celebrating the 13th anniversary of the establishment of Zhijian Jinrui Company. 

    Through blueprint drawing, it showcases the mutual assistance, collaboration, trust, and tacit understanding among 

young friends, enabling them to better understand each other and achieve sincere cooperation.

    In future work, I believe everyone will use this as a foundation, with a more enthusiastic and positive work attitude, 

to promote the long-term development of Zhijian Jinrui and all employees, and achieve a grand blueprint.

    Zhijian Jinrui has been through ups and downs for 13 years. Thank you to all our partners for accompanying us all the way. 

We look forward to more like-minded people working together and forging ahead in the future.

    Where there is waiting, there is always a departure. May you encounter kindness on the stormy road at all times.



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