"Moisturizing Spring" - Hot Opening of 2024 Q1 Birthday Party
How did an activity with a hot atmosphere and high emotions come about? The editor will recreate an employee activity behind the scenes for you.

                              After completing the plan writing, design process, and budget preparation, it's time for on-site

                            layout! The vlog of "One Day of the Longevity Star", which was first created in  this issue.


                        From filming to the scene, I received a lot of support from everyone and was able to showcase my 

              personal style through video, which I also enjoyed.The interactive Q&A session with prizes goes without saying, 

             holding hands and being familiar with the road, the prizes disappear instantly Hey, keep the editor who set the 

             question in place Social death.


                        When it comes to eating, it goes without saying that the image is completely disregarded. After the event,

              the messy editor cannot capture all the pictures to help clean up.Friends of the post dinner battlefield. Thank 

             you here, without hesitation! At the end of the event, the editor is always dry lipped. But seeing friends eating 

                and drinking well,Getting closer to each other and achieving a smoother fit is like drinking a sweet spring.

                       See you at our next birthday party!



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