Gather Strength and Compose a Beautiful Chapter — APS 2024 New Year's Celebration Conference Successfully Held
On February 6, 2024, Gather Strength and Compose a Beautiful Chapter — APS 2024 New Year‘s Celebration Conference was held in the banquet hall of Pullman Beijing South in Beijing Economic Development Zone.


                Yujun Wang,CEO;Zongbao Wang , VP of Clinical Operation Department;Chang Li , VP of Operation Department 


             and other leaders attended. All employees of the Beijing headquarters participated in welcoming  the New Year together.


             At the beginning of the event, Yuxun Wang  delivered an opening speech, expressing gratitude and blessings

 on behalf of the Company's management to all the APS members who have been together along the way; and make a 


    New Year's outlook with the theme of "Gather Strength and Compose a Beautiful Chapter".




                 He said, "In 2023, facing the dual impact of new drug R&D bottlenecks and economic fluctuations in the global 

          pharmaceutical     industry, APS went against the tide: the first clinical patient in the APS03118 project was enrolled, 

         marking a substantial step forward  in the clinical trial stage and ushering in an important milestone. 


        In the same year, we adjusted our architecture and developed a lot of new members; optimized the existing


 R&D line, added newprojects, and looking back on this year, we overcame many difficultie and achieved a milestone victory.


                          2024 is an important turning point, with opportunities and challenges, and glory and hardship coexisting.


         The Company's  development  still has  a long way to go, and we must always maintain strategic determination 

        and firm determination to develop confidence, make every   effort to strengthen research and development, seek 

        cooperation, expand the market, and work together to promote the high-quality development of the Company's various

        project pipelines."


                 The annual meeting recognizes the outstanding employees, managers, and teams for the year 2023. They 

come from different  positions such as  R&D, operations, and clinical practice, and are outstanding in the biotechnology

 industry, with outstanding rankings.




               During the annual meeting dinner, various departments showed their talents, and various forms such as piano

 playing, song and dance, short plays, and magic and sketches were incredibly exciting and colorful. During this period, 

the lucky draw and red envelope   rain arranged intermittently, which added infinite surprises to the entire event, pushing

 the atmosphere to a climax.






                            New years approaches, and the future is renewed day by day; looking back on 2023, APS has been 

                        dedicated to the R&D of antitumor bioengineering, focusing on the core product pipelines, continuously 

                     adhering to the research of breakthrough therapies  for tumors, strengthening cooperation and development 

                     with scientific research institutions, accelerating the transformation of scientific  research achievements,

                      conducting efficient and high-quality clinical trials, committed to providing welfare for more cancer patients, 


                       and  further promoting the maximization of patient benefits.


             In 2024, we are gathering strength and composing a beautiful chapter. APS looks forward to working with

         every industry partner to break through the industry winter with a full spirit of perseverance and welcome the dawn.




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