Stunning Mountains and Rivers Worth Visiting — Review of the Great Wall Climbing in Autumn 2023
The Great Wall stretches for thousands of miles, and the Mutianyu section stands out on its own. The Mutianyu Great Wall resembles a dragon that spans across time and space.


                      At times, it is breathtakingly tragic and magnificent, while at others, it cloaked in greenery, spreading wild 


                across the landscape.   No words can express the amazing experience of seeing it for yourself.


                     On October 13, 2023, all APS employees put on their hiking boots and set out together from the foot of 


              the Mutianyu Great Wall, climbing side by side toward the cloud-covered mountains. With steep steps, thin air, 


                  and heavy footwork, the journey up the mountain is arduous and physically demanding. The energy is exhausted


               and each step requires a significant amount of determination, as if  engaging in a battle of wills with Mother Nature.



                 Sweat seeped through everyone's clothes, and they leaned against the wall to catch their breath. Perhaps 

         they contemplated retreating, perhaps they truly regretted it, but when they caught sight of the towering ancient wall


            ahead, memories of the indomitable  spirit of Chinese craftsmanship flooded their minds. After making necessary 

         adjustments and with the encouragement and assistance of their companions, everyone persevered and continued

           moving forward. The scenery is worth it, no matter how challenging the journey may be.


        Maybe you will feel the hard-won prosperity after suffering almost suffocating pain. The bravery, determination, 

and resilience of  being an APS warrior were undoubtedly demonstrated upon reaching the summit of the Great Wall.

 We breathed in the beautiful rivers and mountains of our motherland, sighing with awe as we felt the rich history 

of Chinese civilization spanning thousands of years.We  snapped photos to capture the best moments and record 

the most stunning sights.




                   After coming down the mountain, everyone talk about the future, dreaming big, and reminiscing about home. 

         Ordinary life can soothe  the thoughts of  ordinary people the most. Everyone   wished peace and happiness this year. 

         May every moment be spent with people  who love and do what is right; may you always find comfort   in their support. 


            Let's travel together through the ups and downs, exploring different landscapes. Even when the road gets tough,

          we'll never give up.




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