"Missing You in Sanya”: Dopamine in September, Vibrant and Colorful" – A Review of the 2023 APS's Grand Outdoor Team Building Event
On September 23, 2023, at 7:00 AM, all staff members of APS arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport, ready to embark on an exhilarating team building adventure in Sanya.

        After nearly 4 hours of flight, traversing through clouds and experiencing the roar of the engine, we crossed 

thousands of miles. To  Everywhere of the World. At our first stop in Sanya, the Yanoda Rainforest, a place with no 

ceiling, we took deep breaths of oxygen, climbing against the stream under the guidance of our coach. Donning 

helmets and straw shoes, with the help of our companions, we   splashed through the water, pushing bravely 

against the rapids. Despite the sultry weather and light rain, our determination to become  spirited rainforest warriors 

of APS remained unbroken...




           As the evening neared and our physical strength was almost depleted, the seaside cuisine fully re-energized

 everyone. Leisurely  watching the sea and savoring the freshness, the mysterious ocean continuously gifted us with 

delicious flavors. From the sea to the  table, melons, coconut milk, beer, and seafood created a perfect taste experience.


              The worldly atmosphere of life and warmth soothes the common people's hearts. With wine and gratitude 

in our hearts, all experiences  seemed beautiful. Laughter and songs lingered for a long time in the air.



               After dinner, a fiery bonfire event instantly ignited the tranquility of the night. "I hope there is always

 a flame in you that won't   go out, don't be numb, don't be assimilated, desperate to be a man full of strength"


      This classic quote from "The Shawshank Redemption" could well be the highest praise for this bonfire dinner. Leaning

 on our  companions' shoulders with unified dance steps, listening to the crackling of the flames, all worries and 

displeasures vanished. May  you always have a campfire behind you and a galaxy in your eyes.


    Beside you, my companion, did you know? Perhaps the seaside isn't just for summer, and singing isn't 


            just for singers.

                The happy trio at the seaside should be singing, walking, and feeling the breeze. With companions, the things we

            want to do are not bound by time   or talent.


                The three days and two nights were fulfilling and wonderful, brief yet pleasant; as we came to the moment

 of farewell, you and I spread our arms towards the sea, each jump a short flight, embodying our team-building theme 

"Dreams Unite the Team, the Team   Builds the Dreams" - every moment contributing to a powerful force, advancing 

towards the goal of the stars and the ocean."



             “The sun is just right, the breeze is gentle." The APS team, let's travel and photograph, covering our great 

homeland, wishing for timeless moments and togetherness.




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